Elf Elementalist Okoros, mentor


Sham’Sin is a fairly small elf, with long dark hair with a bluish spark. His eyes are light brown, with green iris.
He wears robes adorned with different embroideries of the elements, combined with elaborate writings.

In most conversations Sham’Sin seems preoccupied with other matters, rumours say that he is conversing with the elements.

In Okoros he lives in a house right next to lake Vross.

Rumours has it that his apprentice Broom has once tried to eat elemental earth and that is should be the reason why he is so fat.


Sham’Sin is the highest-ranking Elementalist of Kaer Samek
and head of the Council of Mages. He is in charge of the kaer’s wards
and elemental spirits. He recently moved to Okoros with his sluggish
apprentice, a fat little windling nicknamed Broom.


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