Elf Illusionist Shal’Minar mentor


This extravagant elf is always seen in some of the kaers finest clothings. He has never adopted the typical embroidered robes of mages, but instead he wears wears clothes that would make most swashbucklers envious. Fluffy sleeves and an embroidered large cape. Instead of a rapier or sabre at his side, he wears a short staff, with countless engravings and adornments of precious metals and at the top there is a symbol of a tree entwined with a scaly head sticking out between the branches.
He carries himself around with an aloofness especially when dealing with dwarves, and seldom spends much time socializing with the general population of the kaer.
The only thing that marks the illusion of his grandeur is that he limps a bit on his right leg, rumours says it happened while he was outside the kaer.


The greatest living hero of the kaer after he was the sole survivor of the last expedition outside the kaer.
He is the person mentioned in most rumors in all of the kaer, though some of them have lessened with time. The rumours is about various subjects from how he survived outside the kaer, what he truly met and fought and to more vile topics about how he is connected to the disease and other problems of the kaer.
He never engages in discussions about these rumours about himself.

He spents alot of his time with his job as advisor for both Asandel and Gathlaen Velidien besides his obligations as the highest ranking illusionist and member of the kaers council of mages.


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