Elmar Firehammer

Dwarf Weaponsmith Khar Rhûz Mentor


Elmar is a good humored dwarf with a fierce passion for his work and the kaer as a whole. He is middleaged and the first signs of age is starting to show with a few silver sparks in his beard.

He got dark brown hair and a large beard which he keeps tugged behind his leather apron when working at the forge, but he affectionally strokes it when not at the forge.

When he looks at you with his piercing stern gaze it feels like he can read your soul and values it like he would a precious metal. Fortunately his warm smile brings comfort.

His arms shows clear signs of his work, being scarred and reddish.

He always wears his large forging hammer at his side, which is easily recognized by its fiery glow.


Besides being the main Weaponsmith of Khar Rhûz, Elmar Firehammer
is the son of Dunar, the famous Weaponsmith who died
on the first expedition.
Elmar has a deep-rooted hatred for all Horrors and works on
his own heartblade, which he shall use to destroy the Horror at
the gate.

Elmar Firehammer

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